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Are You Ready to Accept Your Business Mission?
Aloha Social Wahines members! I wanted to personally invite each of you to my next big KR Design event. Many of you attended the KR Design 6 Figure Business Success Day in November. Since then...

Posted on Wed, Apr 23 2014 12:37 PM
by Kristen Robinson
ready to create your first website?
Aloha Wahines! If you've been thinking about setting-up a website, but you've hesitated because you feel overwhelmed by technology, reluctant to invest (too much) time and money, or worry where ...

Posted on Tue, Apr 22 2014 7:56 PM
by Jennifer Barrett
Even Introverts Can Be Good At Networking!
Do you know someone who can go to networking events by themselves and have no problem whatsoever walking into a room full of people they don’t know and just start striking up conversations and be...

Posted on Sat, Apr 12 2014 4:50 PM
by Angelina Campos,CPCC
It Takes A Village 04.04.14
The transition from teen to adult can be bumpy. Finding a professional interest is vital to staying focused and getting what you want from life. Vince Abramo is a Hifi member who works as Volunteer...

Posted on Wed, Apr 2 2014 5:23 AM
by toby portner
Comp Tickets to PBN's Mentoring Monday Event ($50 value)!!!
Hi Wahines, Social Wahines is proud to be giving away tickets (while supplies last) to the April 7th BizWoman "MEET YOUR MENTOR" event. This is a fantastic event and the entire Social Wahines t...

Posted on Mon, Mar 31 2014 10:26 PM
by Danielle Scherman
How To Be Your Own Inspiration
YES! I’m in the final phase of a HUGE project I’ve been working on for about a year and I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. This project has been quite a learning experie...

Posted on Thu, Mar 20 2014 2:03 PM
by Angelina Campos,CPCC
Being Proud Of The Money You Make
I started my first business when I was 19 years old (just a few years ago-NOT!) In any case, I’ve learned so much through my experience as an entrepreneur that sometimes it’s mind-blowing! ...

Posted on Thu, Mar 13 2014 1:43 PM
by Angelina Campos,CPCC
Join The Aloha Effect for our Team Kick-Off Event!
Hello lovely Social Wahines! You are invited to the Team Kick-Off and volunteer-interest meeting Thursday for The Aloha Effect, a local documentary and education project about the power of helpi...

Posted on Wed, Feb 19 2014 3:58 AM
by Mary Pratt