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Social Wahines is Hawaii's premiere professional network for ambitious women looking to accomplish big goals personally and professionally. Founded in 2006, Social Wahines is a network for building community, friendships, networking, and tapping into member resources. We believe in the power of giving and our first priority of Social Wahines is to always help the Social Wahines network.

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“You’re only as successful as the people around you. I credit my success as an entrepreneur and realtor to my network. I founded Social Wahines as Hawaii’s hub for innovation, collaboration and empowerment exclusively for women. Join us.”

Danielle Scherman
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Hi ladies, I'm looking for a reputable/reasonably priced social media/content/AdWords campaign manager for a couple small, local tour companies in Waikiki. Someone who has web/graphic design experience would be a plus. Mahalo! ...

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Aloha Ladies. Carri Collins-Pothier had a great suggestion for me today that I hadn't thought of. I'm in search of a full-time job since closing my gym down in July and she thought this page might be a great resource.

I am on indeed and linkedin. Background is BA in Psychology (cum laude) but took the fitness path for over 22 yrs and entrepreneur path for 7 of those years.

I'm looking for something in management, director, lead positions that could utilize the skills acquired in the fitness industry(management/director/owner positions as well as multi-certified trainer) and/or Psychology/Health path. There may be a direction I haven't even thought of and welcome any advice. My niche is very narrow and need to expand my skill set that includes program management, account management, marketing, etc.

Thank you

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