Women. Referrals. Connections. Networking. Community. [Repeat].

Social Wahines is Hawaii’s premier professional network for ambitious women looking to accomplish big goals personally and professionally. Founded in 2006, Social Wahines is a network for building community, friendships, networking, and tapping into member resources. We believe in the power of giving and our first priority of Social Wahines is to always help the Social Wahines network.

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Social Wahines’ mission it is to connect and support women. It is a community that is much needed in Hawaii; whether you have just moved here and want to make friends, are starting a business and need connections or you are an established career woman looking to mentor others - this is the place.

Morgan Childs, Founder & Creative Director, Moana Events & Modern Elopement

Social Wahines made it so easy for me to get connected with wonderful people in the community and even enabled me to find my fabulous cat-sitter and now dear friend!

Loretta Chen, Principal Consultant & Author, www.wearebarefoot.co

Newest Members

  • Bernice Peller Peller
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Waikiki Health
  • Peggy Foreman
    Communications Manager
    Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative
  • Hannah Kim
    Interim Assistant Director
    University of Hawaii at Manoa

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HI Wahines! Please let me know if you have recommendations/contacts for the following:
1) "Made in Hawaii" furniture designers
2) People (locally) who make really beautiful home decor (doors, lights, anything cool for the home that's made here)
3) People selling antique furnishings

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Aloha Wahines~ Do you have recommendations for electricians and plumbers who do repairs? My contacts work on new installations, however we need to recommend for repairs as well. ...

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Hi Ladies: I am currently loving CorePower Yoga and would love to get recommendations on your favorite mat for hot yoga, along with who makes your favorite yoga clothes? ...

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