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I was sitting across from the ER President at my dream job interview, ER Physician Assistant, at the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Hawaii.
“Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you be willing to work a weekend shift if it meant not getting to shoot a wedding?” I fumbled awkwardly with my hands under the table, the words fell silent like heavy rocks at the back of my throat.(Crystal, hellloooo…say something…18+years of school for this very moment.) Instead, my hesitation was evident for a split second too long.  My enthusiasm and eager expression waned.  I cleared my dry throat and stuttered, “Uh, of course.”
That’s when I felt the lie deep down in my gut.  The kind where it hurts to realize that what you worked so hard towards becoming, is no longer who you want to be.  More than anything, I still wanted to photograph people in their wildly fantastic, amazing, fleeting life.
In college, I lived in Zambia and Kenya for a year, running WHO bush clinics, vaccinating babies, and loving orphans.  Part of my heart will always belong to Africa.  Therefore, every time you book with me, together, you and I will partner with the International Rescue Committee, to change a little girl’s life in a developing country and send her to school for an entire year.
I’ve told you my story.  I can’t wait to hear yours and be a merrymaker and create your portrait.
With warmest aloha,
Crystal Chanel


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