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Social Wahines had a huge impact on my life when I first moved here to start my business. It was a network to meet new friends, make new business contacts and experience new places around town. I even met Amanda through Social Wahines and she now works with me at my company! I would recommend joining Social Wahines to everyone.

-- Morgan Childs , Owner & President: Moana Events

I just wanted to thank you for starting the Social Wahines group. I have been a member for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed all the benefits of meeting new people, monthly events, and emails of information, events happening, and everything else! Thanks so much for creating this venue and opportunity to connect with others.

-- Linda Wong

The Social Wahines event was our most successful yet, and we had a wonderful time. the opportunity proved worth it, because not only did we generate sales, we created new future customers for our 2 shops on island.

-- Noelle : Lush Cosmetics

This network has helped me soooo much, you don't even know! It helped me find an apartment here in Hawaii, as well as a job at DKNY at Ala Moana. I am originally from Guam, so I am very much an island girl. I graduated from F.I.T. in New York City with a degree in Fashion Merchandising...however, here at DKNY I am a Sales Associate, working my way up, in hopes to pursue a career in Fashion in beautiful Hawaii Nei.

-- Olivia Turner , Sales Associate: DKNY

Your eco event was great! I appreciate you including us as a vendor. Good people, good fun, and lots of people I have not seen in a while. If you would like us to support any of your future endeavors please feel free to contact me.

-- James Hadde , Project Consultant: Sunetric

I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too. I think people realize after decorating their own cookie how much time, effort and talent it takes to produce a great looking cookie. I think it gave more value to the products we make & sell. I've already received one order from a SW member for her coworker's birthday. I'm also working with another SW member on cookies for her business. The networking connections have been great! Thank you for your time and effort to put this group together. I appreciate your work in making it all happen.

-- Bonnie Leong , Owner: Cookies By Design

When I first started at my company, I really wanted to establish myself not just as an employee, but as a productive member of the community. Social Wahines is the perfect avenue to do so, because there are hundreds of like-minded local women who are all working hard to succeed at their careers, just like me. This is a great support system and it is really inspiring to see the success so many Hawaii women have achieved. Young girls need more strong, successful, positive women as role models and Social Wahine encourages women to aim high!

-- Alethea Prattas , Marketing Specialist: Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

I was prepared to ask for a refund before I attended my first Incubator night because I am so used to business workshops that don’t deliver. Much to my delight not only did I not ask for the refund, but I attended all four classes and am looking forward to connecting with the ladies in my class for a long time to come. The Social Wahine Business Incubator is a fantastic way to jumpstart your current business or to brainstorm a new idea. Whether you are a business veteran or are scared to death about sharing the embryo of an idea, the Incubator is absolutely a step you must take on your journey. What I liked most was being surrounded by gifted women with amazing energy who understood what it was to dream big when others in my life question why I don’t just get a job. The camaraderie and desire to help everyone was infectious, energizing and a fabulous way to spend my time and money. I have already taken giant steps towards launching what I know will be a multi million dollar business because of spending four consecutive weeks in the Incubator. I recommend and heartily encourage all women to sign up for the next workshop. Carmen Leal Red Apple Recording

-- Carmen Leal , Idea Lady: Red Apple Recording



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